Different Equipment Needed for Making Chocolate at Home

Different Equipment Needed for Making Chocolate at Home

Swiss chocolates and every other popular brand have a distinct taste, and that could be the sole reason for most of us to fall in love with the delicacy chocolates have become. We know chocolates range from affordable prices to highly expensive varieties. It is also undeniably true that processed chocolate has the ability to take you places with the cocoa that melts in our gut compared to homemade chocolate. However, the expenses involved in this simple process offset the delicious insides of branded chocolates.

Different Equipment Needed for Making Chocolate at Home

Making the beans to bar chocolates involves multiple stages that would require concentration and quite a lot of effort in order to get the best results. You cannot slack off here with the ingredients being added to the mixture. A few pieces of essential equipment for the job must be bought before getting started with the process. You may also need some additional instruments and utensils. Let us look at the different equipment needed for making chocolate.

1. A Melanger (Wet Stone Grinder)

When you want to make chocolate at home, the first machine you must buy is a melanger. You will need this to make the chocolate smooth and silky. Since it is a versatile machine with multiple benefits, you can use the same for making other products such as peanut butter or cake mixes.

2. Chocolate Molds

Chocolates look best when it has the definite shape of the molds in which they are made. Preparing the mix in the melanger should be followed by the proper placement of this mixture in the molds. When you want a bar of quality chocolate, the different molds with a variety of shapes can be chosen. Professional-looking chocolate bars can be produced this way. Make sure to get a decent mold that isn’t too expensive.

3. A Thermometer

Bean to bar chocolate making will require an accurate thermometer, which should display the temperature of the pan in which the mixture is being tempered. This equipment will also come to use when you are roasting the beans.

Different Equipment Needed for Making Chocolate at Home

4. A Roaster

The best way to roast beans, if you are doing it regularly, is in a bean roaster. Get a piece of high-quality equipment that helps roast the beans easily by loosening the shell and developing a flavor. The temperature can be controlled on the roaster.

5. Kitchen Scales

Whenever you are making a recipe, you will need a kitchen scale. Once you have formulated a recipe for your own chocolate bar, the ingredients can be found and added in the right amounts only when you have accurate kitchen scales that can measure consistency.

Different Equipment Needed for Making Chocolate at Home

6.  A Tempering Machine

This may not be as essential a piece of equipment as the others on this list. However, if you are planning a mass production, you will surely need a tempering machine. Professional-looking chocolate bars can be tempered in different ways, but the most effective one is by doing it in this machine.

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