Own The Factory

Amount Pledged: $5,787,702
As at 11am, 20 June, 2017

Own The Factory aims to retain significant chocolate manufacturing in Dunedin.

Jim O’Malley, and a team of volunteers, have driven and evolved the project since the announcement by Mondelez that Cadbury’s Dunedin factory would be closed. Public supported resulted in more than $5 million being pre-pledged to keep chocolate and confectionary making in Dunedin. ‘Own the Factory’ has advanced its strategy to focus on premium chocolate-making and has joined forces with independently owned OCHO.

Dunedin Manufacturing Holdings Incorporated Society (DMH) aims to crowdfund the purchase and expansion of Dunedin-owned craft bean to bar chocolate maker OCHO (Otago Chocolate Company). OCHO will be scaled up to keep jobs and chocolate making skills in Dunedin, becoming a significant producer of premium quality chocolate.

The company new will make high quality craft chocolate, pay fair wages to workers and a fair price for cocoa beans, retain industry and craft skills in Dunedin with a profitable business, respect the environment and support workers, growers and customers.



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